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About Us

Inala Bulk SMS

Inala Bulk SMS System is a black-owned company, providing bulk SMS packages to businesses, schools, churches and other organisations reliant on good communication.
With no monthly fees, Inala offers a quick and easy solution to sending important messages out to large groups of recipients.

Driving force

Like most businesses, we saw a need in our community, and felt compelled to act. Poor communication impacts negatively on community development, social capital, and relationship building.

In rural areas, where access to technology is poor, a simple, cost-effective solution was required to ensure schools, churches, and small businesses could communicate efficiently and effectively. With the majority of people having access to a cell phone and SMS services, Inala Bulk SMS system was born.

Communication Solutions for all

If you’re in the business of communicating with large numbers of people, we offer the perfect solution. Schools, churches, traditional authorities, NPOs, municipalities, and businesses, all require a strong communication platform to convey important messages.

In the current climate, where face-to-face meetings are not always possible, sending messages via cell phones is an easy option. Inala Bulk SMS allows you to communicate, quickly and easily, with your clients, congregation, constituents, and beneficiaries. We offer onsite and online training, as well as demos to take you through the system. The first online training session is free, with follow up sessions charged at a nominal fee. Site training can be arranged, with pricing dependent on location.



Send or Schedule SMS

Sending Bulk SMS is as simple as selecting contacts or a group of contacts, typing your message, and sending the SMS now or scheduling it for later. You can personalize SMS's for each contact, and use pre-created templates.

Delivery reports

You can view the current delivery status of each SMS. We provide true handset delivery reporting. Delivery statuses include: Pending, Sent, Delivered, Failed, Opted out

Receive replies

Your clients can respond to your SMS's, which gives you the edge when it comes to knowing what your clients want and what they're saying about your company

Personalise SMS

You can personalize SMS's to your contacts by using their title, name, surname and other placeholders of your choice.

SMS campaigns

You can create a campaign for your messages, and track replies based on this campaign. Perfect for monitoring the success of a messaging campaign for a particular product range


With our advanced reporting you can view the number of messages sent, delivered, failed and received for a given time period, as well as the performance of each messaging campaign. These reports can be exported to Excel.


Credits don't expire. All prices exclude VAT. Please contact us for pricing for international messaging. 1 SMS = 160 characters *

number Price total price Purchase
500 - 999 R0,33 R 165
1000 - 4999 R0,31 R 310
5000 - 9999 R0,29 R 1450
10 000 - 49 999 0,27 R 2700
50 000 - 99 999 0,26 R13000
100 000+ Contact us

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